WWE For Extreme (WWE:FE) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut. Employees in WWE consist of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, ring announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, road agents, script writers and various other positions. Executives and board of directors are also listed.

WWE employees' contracts range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals and they appear as independent contractors. Employees on the main roster appear on specific brands (Raw, SmackDown and ECW) for WWE television programming, pay-per-view and at live events while developmental employees appear at The Cave Wrestling (TCW).

Employees and management are organized by role within the promotion. The ring name of the employee is written on the left, while the employee's real name is on the right. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, not wrestling for 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted.

Employees are generally assigned to a specific brand, though they may make occasional special appearances on another brand. The WWE Tag Team Champions can regularly appear on Raw ECW and SmackDown as those titles (due to being unified) can be defended on either show.

WWE refers to its male performers as "Superstars" and its female performers as "Divas". The term "Superstars" is also occasionally used to refer to all WWE performers, regardless of gender. The wrestlers of the show WWE NXT are called "Rookies". They also can appear on either Raw, ECW, or SmackDown with their assigned "Pros", depending on whichever brand their pro belongs to, or by a brand's General Manager for a special match.

Main rostersEdit

Raw brandEdit

Male wrestlersEdit


Heavyweight, and Women's Champion, Ashley Massaro


Intercontinental Champion, Drew Mcintyre

Ring name Real name Notes
Avery-Lyn Avery Matsumoto
Blaze Johnathon Blaze
Drew Mcintyre Drew Galloway I
Gidget Wade Wilson
Justin Credible Peter Polace
Lance Storm Lance Evers
Marcus Wilde Ryan Marcus
Mike Mike Guadanino

Slade Mathens

Slade Mathens
UnlimitedExtreme Brian Rothschild

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Addison Azure Addison Azure
Angel Hina Rie Kanto
Angelina Love Lauren Williams
Ashley Austin Ashley Austin
Ashley Massaro Ashley Massaro

Heavyweight Champion

Demonica Unknown
Eve Torres Eve Torres Intercontinental Champion
Jillian Hall Jillian Fletcher
Kelly Kelly Barbara Jean Blank
Lacey Von Erich Lacey Adkisson
Lita Amy Dumas
Madison Rayne Ashley Simmons
Maria Kanellis Maria Louise Kanellis Women's Champion
Obako Mari Kanto
Stacy Keibler Stacy Keibler
Velvet Sky Jamie Szantyre

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name Real name Role Notes
Christy Hemme Christy Hemme Interviewer
Yue Nishimura

Yue Nishimura Raw General Manager
Finesse Marshall Finesse Marshall host of "Finesse Marshall Show"
Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler Color commentator WWE Hall of Famer
Jim Ross Jim Ross Play-by-play commentator WWE Hall of Famer
Josh Mathews Josh Mathews Interviewer
Lillian Garcia Lillian Garcia Ring announcer
Ted DiBiasi Ted DiBiasi Manager
Neal Cole Nicholas Cole Raw Assistant Manager Son of Smackdown Commentator, Michael Cole

SmackDown brandEdit

Male wrestlersEdit


WWE Champion, JBL


X-Division Champion, Chris Starr


Unified Tag Team Champion, Kris Kutter

Ring name Real name Notes
Aero Star unrevealed
Amazing Red Jonathon Figueroa
Andy Andy Wornat
Chris Starr Christopher Starr
Christian Cage Jason Reno
Fergus Doyle Fergus Doyle
Gerard O'Reilly Gerard O'Reilly
Jacob Robert Case
Jazz Powers Jeremiah James
John Bradshaw Layfield John Layfield
Jerry Static Jerry Evergreen
Kelly Oliver Kelly Oliver
Kris Kutter Chris Morgan Unified Tag Team champion
Matt Hardy Matt Hardy
Mike Sydal Mike Sydal
Primo Edwin Colón
Reaper unrevealed
Refugee Matt Mathew Perry
Seamus Flynn Seamus Flynn

TJ Cage

Timothy Cruz
Tom LoBiondo Thomas James LoBiondo Jr. X-Division Champion

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Mickie James Mickie James WWE Champion
Natalya Volkoff Natalya Volkoff

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name Real name Role Notes
Cassandra Wit Kutter Regime manager
Jamie Keyes Brittany Beede Interviewer
Jeremy Borash Jeremy Borash Interviewer
Leo Connor Leo Connor SmackDown! Assistant Manager
Michael Cole Sean Coulthard Play-by-play commentator
Nicholas Walker Nicholas Walker Host of "Country Club"
Tazz Peter Senerchia Color commentator
Tony Chimel Anthony Chimel Ring announcer
Zoey Bates Zoey Bates SmackDown General Manager

ECW brandEdit


ECW Champion, Bull Buchanan


Television Champion, Andy Brookes


Hardcore Champion, Chris Masters


Unified Tag Team champion, Hillbilly Jim

Male wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Andy Brookes Andy Brookes Television champion
Bull Buchanan Barry Buchanan ECW Heavyweight champion
Chris Masters Christopher Mordetzky
CM Punk Phillip Brooks
Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson
Dogma Zack Cortez
Hillbilly Jim Jim Morris Unified Tag Team champion
Jesse James Gregory James
Kane Glenn Jacobs
Leon Lonewolf Leon Peterson
Luke Gallows Andrew Hankinson
Maddawg Matthew Masters
Reaper Unknown
Rodeo Rick Richard Smith
Santino Marella Anthony Carelli Hardcore Champion
Sold1er Unknown
Ted DiBiasi Jr. Thoedore DiBiasi Jr.
Yoshi Tatsu Naofumi Yamamoto

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Kyara Kyara Pierce
Serena Serena Deeb Manager, sometimes wrestles
Veronica Diaz Veronica Diaz

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name Real name Role Notes
Ariel Shelly Martinez Tarot Readings
Joey Styles Joseph Bonsignore Play-by-play commentator
Justin Roberts Justin Roberts Ring announcer
Kristal Marshall Kristal Marshall Interviewer
Matt Striker Matthew Kaye Color commentator
Stone Cold Steve Austin Steve Austin ECW General Manager
Todd Grisham Todd Grisham Interviewer
Tiffany Taryn Terell ECW Assistant Manager


Season 2 Rookie SuperstarsEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Chris Hunter Jr. Christopher Hunter Jr.
Darren Darwin Curtis Masters
Dean Diamond Jason Dean
Jackson Lyon Jackson Lyon
Nero Charlie Adams
Riko Suave Patrick Kerney
Takahiro Akiyama Takahiro Akiyama First eliminated
Vladislav Cvetko Vladislav Cvetko Second eliminated

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name Real name Role Notes
Josh Mathews Josh Lomberger Play-by-play commentator
Savannah Angela Fong Ring Announcer

Developmental rosterEdit

The Cave WrestlingEdit


International Champion, Juan

Male wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Bernie Smith Bernie Smith Canadian champion
Blaze Johnathon Blaze
Extreme Eddy Edward Richards
Juan Juan Rodriguez International champion
Jerry Static Jerry Evergreen
Midas Eric Newberry
The Ninja Jason Lee
Scorpion Jason Mintonye Coach

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name Real name Notes
Misery Mikaela Darksyde Coach

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name Real name Role
Chris Morgan Chris Morgan Stralight General Manager
Gerri Halliwell Geraldine Halliwell Color commentator
John Bradshaw Layfield John Layfielf Color commentator
Shaunee Mosley Shaunee Mosley Ring Announcer
Refugee Tim Tim Towsley Play-by-play commentator

Company officialsEdit


Vince McMahon

Name Notes
Vince McMahon (Mr. McMahon) Chairman / CEO

Makes occasional appearances on both Raw and SmackDown

Andrew Whitaker Executive Vice President, International
Brian Kalinowski Executive Vice President, Digital Media
Donna Goldsmith Chief Operating Officer
George Barrios Chief Financial Officer
Jim Connelly Senior Vice President, Consumer Products
John Laurinaitis Executive Vice President, Talent Relations
Kevin Dunn Executive Vice President, Television Production
Mike Pavone Executive Vice President, WWE Studios
Stephanie McMahon-Levesque Executive Vice President, Creative Development and Operations
Michelle D. Wilson Executive Vice President, Marketing

Creative writersEdit

Name Notes
Christopher DeJoseph Also portrays Big Dick Johnson on-air
Brian Gewirtz Senior Vice President of Creative Writing
Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels) Lead writer for FCWWWE Hall of Famer
Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) Lead writer for SmackDown
Ed Koskey Lead writer for Raw
Pat Patterson (Pierre Clemont) Creative consultant
WWE Hall of Famer

Producers and trainersEdit

Name Notes
Arn Anderson (Martin Lunde)
Billy Kidman (Peter Gruner)
Blackjack Lanza (Jack Lanza) WWE Hall of Famer
Finlay (David Finlay, Jr.)
Jamie Noble (James Howard)
Gerald Brisco WWE Hall of Famer
Dean Malenko (Dean Simon)
Harvey Wippleman (Bruno Lauer)
Mike Rotunda Makes occasional appearances as Irwin R. Schyster
Ricky Steamboat (Richard Blood) WWE Hall of Famer
Steve Lombardi
Tom Prichard TCW trainer
Tony Garea (Anthony Garcia)


Ring name Real name Notes
Aaron "Goose" Mahoney Aaron Davis
Chad Patton Chad Patton
Charles Robinson Charles Robinson
Daniel Skyler Daniel Skyler TCW referee
Jack Doan Jack Doan Senior referee
John Cone John Cone
Justin King Justin King

Also referees TCW

Mike Chioda Mike Chioda Senior Referee
Rod Zapata Rod Zapata Also referees TCW
Ryan Tran Ryan Tran TCW referee
Tony Smith Ronnie Washington TCW referee

Other personnelEdit

Name Notes
Carlos Cabrera Spanish commentator
Corey Clayton WWE Universe Community Leader and Moderator
Darren Drozdov columnist
Ferdinand Rios Physician
Hugo Savinovich Spanish commentator
Jack Korpela Host of WWE Bottom Line, WWE specials, and WWE Free for All
Scott Stanford Host of WWE Bottom Line, WWE specials, and WWE Free for All
Jim Johnston Music director
John "Big" Gaburik Director of On-Air Promotions
Mae Young WWE Ambassador
WWE Hall of Famer
Marcelo Rodríguez Spanish commentator
Mark Yeaton Timekeeper
"Mean" Gene Okerlund Occasional WWE 24/7 host
WWE Hall of Famer
Peter Clifford Senior Vice President, Distribution and Affiliate marketing
Sgt. Slaughter (Robert Remus) WWE Ambassador
WWE Hall of Famer