Cyber Sunday (2007)
Cyber Sunday 2007
Promotional poster featuring Stefanya, Natasha and Sold1er
Tagline Log on. Take over.
Theme(s) "Fast Fuse" by Kasabian
Promotion WWE for Extreme
Date October 28, 2007
Venue Verizon Center
City Washington, D.C.
Attendance 10,097
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No Mercy (2007) Cyber Sunday (2007) Survivor Series (2007)
Cyber Sunday chronology
Cyber Sunday (2006) Cyber Sunday (2007) Cyber Sunday (2008)
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Cyber Sunday (2007) was the fourth annual Cyber Sunday professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE for Extreme (WWEFE). It took place on October 28, 2007 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The most important feature of Cyber Sunday is the ability for fans to vote online through on certain aspects of every match.

The main match on the ECW brand was John Bradshaw Layfield versus Tetsuya Natsukawa for the ECW Championship, which Tetsuya won after Misery interfered. The match could have been a Ladder match, a Steel Cage match, or an Inferno Casket match, with fans voting the latter of the three. Misery's interference caused controversy, because she was the won who lit the casket on fire, making it unclear who the real winner was. The primary match for the RAW brand was Scorpion versus JKB Kid for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, which JKB Kid won after a flipping leg drop off the top rope. JKB was voted in as the challenger, over Refugee Tim and Kris Kutter.

The event had 194,000 buys, down from the Cyber Sunday 2006 figure of 228,000 buys.

Background Edit


John Bradshaw Layfield who was the ECW Champion heading into Cyber Sunday

The main feud heading into Cyber Sunday on the ECW brand was between John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) and Tetsuya Natsukawa, with the two battling over the ECW Championship. This storyline was continued from No Mercy, where JBL won the championship off of Tetsuya in a Triple Threat match. Tetsuya cashed in his rematch for Cyber Sunday, even defeating JBL in singles action on the October 23 episode of ECW.

Another primary feud heading into the event was between The Blood Brothers (Unlimited Extreme and Reaper) and Extreme, Inc., a stable run by ECW General Manager Devin Jacobs. Jacobs had claimed ECW as his own personal playground, growing to near-dictatorship levels. Both UnlimtedExtreme (UE) and Reaper had spoken out against him, leading Jacobs to send wrestlers under his thumb to attack them each week. Leading up to the event, fans had the chance to vote for who would challenge the Blood Brothers for the ECW Tag Team Championship, and they voted for two members of Extreme, Inc. over the Hardcore Outlaws and Legacy.

Event Edit

Throughout the event, Stefanya and Natasha appeared in backstage segments where they revealed the outcomes of the various polls before each match.

Preliminary matches Edit

Main event matches Edit

Aftermath Edit

Results Edit

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Seraphina defeated X-Pac (c). Extreme Rules match for the ECW Television Championship. 29:35
2 Jazz Powers defeated Batista (c). Singles match for the WWE United States Championship. 05:15
3 Ashley Massaro (c) defeated Christy Hemme, Spike, MsChif, Daffney and Velvet Sky. Bra & Panties Six Pack Challenge match for the Women's Championship. 42:39
4 JKB Kid defeated Scorpion (c). Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship 08:03
5 The Stokers (Dacia & Mathius) defeated The Blood Brothers (Unlimited Extreme & Reaper (c). Extreme Rules tag team match for the ECW Tag Team Championship 39:42
6 Tetsuya Natsukawa defeated John Bradshaw Layfield (c). Inferno Casket match for the ECW Championship 12:57

Voting results Edit

Poll Results
Opponent for X-Pac
  • Dacia Stoker (30%)
  • Seraphina (50%)
  • Randy Orton (20%)
Opponent for Batista
  • Jeff Jarrett (21%)
  • Jazz Powers (54%)
  • Anderson Silva (25%)
Stipulation for Divas Battle Royal
  • Bra & Panties (48%)
  • Hardcore (6%)
  • Six-Pack Challenge (45%)
Opponent for Scorpion
  • JKB Kid (52%)
  • Refugee Tim (36%)
  • Kris Kutter (12%)
Opponents for the Blood Brothers
  • The Legacy (26%)
  • Extreme, Inc. (59%)
  • Hardcore Outlaws (15%)
Stipulation for JBL versus Tetsuya Natsukawa
  • Ladder match (0%)
  • Steel Cage match (17%)
  • Inferno Casket match (83%)