Amercian Wrestling Federation is a professional wrestling buisness that was ran by Refugee Matt and Mike later it was also ran by Refugee Tim, Matt and Mike. At the start the federation was just another attempt at recreating the fallen buisnesses that the previous Matt and Tim had run called USW which was also entitled United States Wrestling and MIMW which was known as Maniacly Insane Mayhem Wrestling. This buisness was a last ditch effort to create a successful buisness where the other two failed. And it was easily the most successful of its kind running from October 15th 2000 till February 9th 2005. The fed saw the evolution of many wrestlers including Refugee Mike, Refugee Tim, Scorpion, Intimidator, The Frog and Shane Michael all people who would move onto have successful albeit in the case of Shane and Frog short WWE Careers.

AWF; The Early DaysEdit

AWF was first created in Fulton, New York, and it was designed to be something small similar to an indy circut and that's basically what it was. But the beginning didn't see many wrestlers in the federation. There were only a small few being the originators Refugee Matt, Mike and also Refugee Tim. A few others joined as time went on.